The "Corona Blossom Project"? What's that?

Put simply, it's our collected efforts to share Corona Blossom with everyone - not just the game itself, but its story, world, and characters too.

Unlike most visual novels, no route selection or heroine walkthroughs are required - it's more akin to a light novel or collected manga: just read the story and have fun!

The first phase of the project is "Corona Blossom Vol.1 Gift From the Galaxy"; let's talk a little more in-depth about what the game is like!

This is what Corona Blossom is about! #1

-The crazy-good price-

Corona Blossom gives you:
A meaty, novel-length story (equivalent to 3-4 volumes of your favorite manga).
Not just visual, but aural too - voiced characters, a wide variety of BGM, and extremely catchy opening and ending songs.
And not only are there 30+ CGs (a veritable boon for a low-cost VN), but thanks to the lifelike movement of the e-mote system, Corona Blossom's heroines reach a whole new level of cute!

This is what Corona Blossom is about! #2

-Immersive story progression-

With Corona Blossom, there's no more constant replaying of the main route to access each heroine's path, or give the cold shoulder to one girl just to catch the eye of another.
Nothing stands in the way of letting you just sink your teeth into the game's story!
Just like reading a light novel, you can keep your focus on looking forward to the next new character or startling plot twist without any distractions.

Though it might be in a more conventional form, worry not - Corona Blossom brings a completely unique story, and all the characters are wonderfully fleshed-out and charming.

This is what Corona Blossom is about! #3

-Super-speedy sequels-

The Corona Blossom series will be released at a pace of one volume every three months!
At the moment, three volumes are confirmed, and more will be considered after the release of the first.
For most games, you could be waiting a year or more between announcement and release, but with Corona Blossom's release schedule, you'll get the next piece of the pie just as your tummy starts growling - not when you're on the edge of starvation.

This is what Corona Blossom is about! #4

-A continuing series? Or even an anime adaptation?!-

Depending on how Corona Blossom is recieved, more volumes and possibly even a Corona Blossom anime could be in the cards!
Corona Blossom was designed to be a truly multi-media project, and we're fully prepared to expand the series to whatever medium it may end up in!