We reached almost 400% of our goal - thanks for all your support!

For the Corona Blossom series, we're using the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to raise production funds.

Corona Blossom was planned as an episodic series from the start, but we wanted to be able to produce all the episodes in quick succession, so we turned to crowdfunding for help.

Thanks to the support of news sites and fans (both overseas and in Japan!) helping to spread the word, we were able to achieve the goal amount of our first campaign.

Originally, we only planned to run the one crowdfunding campaign for Corona Blossom, but a number of fans expressed both the desire to be able to buy goods for subsequent volumes, as well as wanting to offer continued support in general. In light of this, we asked on the Vol.1 campaign, as well as various social networking platforms, whether further Indiegogo campaigns would be welcomed. An overwhelming majority of people were in support of the idea, so we decided to move forward with further campaigns for Vol.2 and beyond.

If your interest in crowdfunding has been piqued, we'd love to have your support for Corona Blossom on Indiegogo!